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What we have heard...

Trust me!!  This chick knows her MOUSE!!

Erinn N.

North Carolina

She knows everything there is to know about Disney!  She will help save you $$$

Anna W.

Ohio are the Disney queen and the thing is, you are not doing it to make money, you are doing it to simply help people and share your passion and love for Disney, which is highly evident in your work. I would recommend you and your site to anyone planning a Disney trip.

Elizabeth J.

North Carolina

You ARE the Disney aficionado - you rock at planning for Disney!!!!!

Amy K.

North Carolina

You are definitely my go-to Disney gal!  And we just had a blast with all the fun tips!

Katie T.


My husband loved how much money you saved us!

Suzee B.

North Carolina

I appreciate the fact that you look out for your client's best interests.... You are so much more helpful than AAA.  I am referring you to a friend of mine....

Dawn S.

North Carolina

Hotel, flights, dinners, etc were perfect; absolutely no complaints, we did not want to come home.

John L.

Ottawa, ON Canada

 ..besides helping me find the right hotel, she very nicely took time to share with me the do's and don'ts - all that very valuable and priceless information that someone who has never been to Disney needs to know. She is really passionate about her job. I am so thankful to her for helping me create un unforgettable memory for my daughter's birthday celebration to Disney.


North Carolina

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